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The use of green roof technology (Green Roof Systems) has many advantages. From studies done abroad and in Greece under some key advantages that characterize this technology:
1. Saving energy through improved insulation of the building both during the winter season and during the summer (Indicative reduce the roof temperature 10-15 ° C)
2. Reduce the rate of expansion of the sewer area by reducing the quantity of water flowing in the system of sewers. The plants and growing medium as more potential to retain water from rainfall.
3. Reducing the construction requirements of the roof on the physical, chemical or biological stress and simultaneously enhancing the effectiveness of watertight membranes due to reduced fluctuations in temperature.
4. Reducing the risk of deterioration of watertight membranes by external mechanical pressure, as well as the negative influence of winds. Longer life for waterproofing roofs.
5. Enhancing the sound insulation of building
6. Absorb pollutants and dust from the plants
7. CO2 capture and production of O2, with positive results in the phenomenon of urban heat island effect and global warming
8. Protection against risk of fire
9. Regeneration of the ecosystem and protection of flora and fauna
10. Create favorable microclimate in areas xirothermikes
11. Add new usable space on rooftops and terraces that were unused
12. Protection against electromagnetic radiation from mobile phone masts
13. Rising property values due to aesthetic upgrade

In summary we can classify these comparative advantages depending on the results it can bring.
Environmental Benefits
Green roofs improve air quality producing oxygen and filtering dust and pollutants, are facing the phenomenon of urban heat island effect by reducing the local temperature, contributing to the creation of habitats and the rational management of water.

Gains in energy efficiency building
Green roofs provide insulation and waterproofing. The use of body cooling and heating is reduced. A green roof protects the underlying insulating the roof from damage and multiplies its lifetime.

Social Benefits
Green roofs, use empty spaces and turn them into parks. Create parks, pavilions, playground areas suitable for recreation, socialization and relaxation while working as an attraction for local residents and choosing their meeting point. Towns are disappearing open spaces and could be completed using the technology of green roofs.

Aesthetic Benefits
Green roofs beautify the building and upgrading their cities. The colorless and without style roofs are gardens and concrete cities become cities full ecological habitats and clean environment.

Investment Benefits
The use of green roof technology upgrades in all buildings, cities, countries with obvious results both in the value of the building and advertising and upgrading the image of a city or country.
The lower energy costs, lower noise, reduced maintenance costs and aesthetic improvement ceilings and uncovered areas, are indisputable advantages that increases the value of buildings, areas and cities.