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LANDCO is specialized in irrigation projects having the appropriate professional staff in designing and experienced technicians to install and manage even the most demanding irrigation projects.

The specification concerns the following services:

  • Design, installation and management of Underground and Conventional Irrigation Network
  • Design, installation and operation of Central Irrigation Control System (Automatic Watering)
  • Design, installation and management of Irrigation Networks in Sports facilities (Football, Golf etc.)
  • Design and installation of Irrigation Networks in Green Roofs (Roof gardens)
  • Underground irrigation systems and Water Recycling systems for less water consumption
  • Design and installation of Pumping Systems
  • Installation of Drainage Network in sports facilities, green roofs, large scale projects and for special requirements such as steep slopes and large basins.
  • Design, installation and maintenance of irrigation networks with Water from Sewage, Desalination Plants and irrigation in Landfills,
  • Design, installation and management of irrigation networks in Large projects such as National Road, Industrial Parks, Resorts, Golf Courses etc.
  • Supply and technical support of Irrigation systems and products

Indicative experience:

a) Beach-Volley, Tennis and other sports in Faliro
b) Athens Olympic Athletic Center & Training Centers
c) Olympic Media Village
d) National Athens –Thessaloniki High Way - Department Raches - Pelasgia
(e) Eleon Grand Resort & Spa Luxury Hotel
(f) Rowing Olympic Center
(g) ANEMI  Hotel

At every implemented project, we guarantee for the materials and the quality of construction.

Collaborating companies: