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LANDCO has an independent department of engineering and design, which consists of Landscape Architects, Agronomists, Engineers and Designers.

LANDCO undertakes studies in the fields of Landscape Architecture, Athletic Centers, Leisure Parks, Irrigation and Environment. Also undertakes Supervision, Technical Support and Project Management of Special Projects according to the needs of the client.


B) Landscape Architecture Studies
C) Planting Studies
D) Studies of Irrigation Systems and Automatic Control
E) Studies of Sports Facilities and Training centers
F) Design and study of Leisure Parks, Playgrounds and Theme Parks
G) Rehabilitation Studies of Degraded areas, Quarries, Landfills, Road Networks (slopes, tunnels etc)
H) Studies of Green Roofs and Vertical Gardens
I) Studies of Drainage Networks

The scientific staff of the company collaborates with Universities and International Organizations on specific knowledge fields, modern technology and specialized solutions.

LANDCO undertakes technical assistance and consulting services to companies and individuals.

Indicative Studies