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Vertical gardens (Living or Green Walls) are one of the most innovative and popular trends in architecture and Landscape Design. They have recently emerged as one of the most appropriate, elegant and ecological solution for the urban landscape. The term "vertical garden" means the planting on a vertical surface of a building. This is achieved by specialized systems and a particular variety of plants which are vertically attached to them. We apply an automatic irrigation and fertigation system for a normal growth of the plants. Water recycling is customary for water conservation.

The natural benefits of a Vertical Garden are many: improved air quality, lower energy consumption, providing a natural shield between weather and inhabitants. No matter where you live, urban or suburban, cold or hot, indoors or out, the Vertical Garden brings a little bit of green to all.

Our company applied the first vertical garden in Greece at Syntagma Square for the Green Design Festival in 2008 and after that, has implemented several applications adjusting the expertise of Patrick Blanc to Greek data.

Indicative projects