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LANDCO represents international playground manufacturers covering a full range of playgrounds equipment, safety flooring and other supplementary materials.

Our diversity stems in innovative designs, safer materials and high quality specifications. Depending on the needs of every project we design and install unique creations.

Our services include:

a) Study & Design of Playgrounds
b) Creation of Thematic Playgrounds
d) Creation of Indoor and Outdoor Playgrounds
e) Compliance with international safety and quality in materials and installation
f) Selection of equipment according to project requirements
g) Toys Installation
h) Installation of Safety floor, Rubber mat and Synthetic Turf

 i) Scheduled Playground Maintenance

Our playground team undertakes the design of your space proposing digital solutions depending on your needs.

All products have guarantees and we also offer a special package for maintenance after the completion of the project.

The continuously search for markets in Europe and beyond has enabled us to find equipment and playground toys with ecological materials, excellent quality and best prices.

The installation is controlled step by step by specialized personnel for your safety.

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