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LANDCO undertakes a wide range of projects related to landscaping and gardening.

Services include:

  1. Planting
  2. Installation of Irrigation Network
  3. Seeding and lawn installation
  4. Earth works – Hard and Fine Shaping
  5. Soil improvement
  6. Transplantation of large trees
  7. Pergolas
  8. Natural Swimming Pools
  9. Paths
  10. Rock gardens
  11. Barbeque 
  12. Outdoor Lighting
  13. Stone Structures
  14. Timber structures - Outdoor flooring

Specific Works

8. Green roofs according to FLL guidelines
9. Vertical Gardens (Green/ living Walls)
10. Eco-organic garden
11. Bioclimatic development
12. Erosion control on slopes and steep surfaces using geotextiles, organic lawn and hydro seeding
13. Tree supporting systems

The vast experience of LANDCO’s personnel in landscape architecture projects such as residences, hotels, Olympic projects, public and private areas ensure the successful efficiency of any project.

Indicative Projects

LANDCO is developing an «After Sales Service» policy, giving priority in quality applications and supporting customer’s needs by direct response and professionalism.

Every implemented project gets a guarantee for the materials and the quality of the construction.